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Student psychologist

Student psychologists offer short and specialized help aimed at study-related and personal problems. All Tilburg University students can make use of the services of the student psychologists.

For what can you contact a Student psychologist

You can contact a student psychologist for the following questions or problems:

  • You feel tense or anxious during or before exams.
  • You have trouble concentrating on your studies. For example because you keep worrying or your thoughts keep wandering off.
  • You make plans to start studying but you keep postponing it.
  • Despite all your efforts your study results remain disappointing.
  • You are not satisfied with yourself or your social contacts.
  • You are afraid to stand up for yourself, you are too modest.
  • You have the feeling it is all becoming too much for you.
  • You have physical problems without a clear or specific cause.


If you need to see a student psychologist, please fill in the application form. Our methods are geared towards change and this means you may need to do some assignments.

As soon as possible you will receive an email response from one of the student psychologists.

Depending on your problem the follow-up may entail several possibilities:

  • The psychologist may need to ask for more specific information, for example by filling in a questionnaire
  • The psychologist will give you direct advice

The advice given can be:

  1. Face to face contact consisting of  3 individual consultations with the psychologist
  2. E-coaching consisting of  6 contacts
  3. A mixture of face to face and e-coaching consultations
  4. Attending a workshop, training, or course
  5. Referral to another consultant via your general practitioner

For options 1,2 and 3 we charge € 25. You will need to pay this fee after you receive the psychologist’s advice but prior to starting the consultations (including the e-coaching contacts). You will receive instructions on how to make the payment in the email from the psychologist. The advice given after your initial application is free of charge. 

Cancel an appointment

to cancel your appointment, please send an e-mail to, or call (013 - 466) 2531 or (013 - 466) 2521. Mention your name, anr, date, time and name of the person you had an appointment with.


The student psychologists are officially registered as such in the BIG-register and affiliated to the ‘Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen and, therefore, work according to the professional code required by the institute. This means, amongst other things, that everything you tell or email us will be kept confidential. 

The emails, application forms and notes the student psychologist makes during the consultations only serve as support for the process and will be kept in a file only accessible to the psychologist supporting you.

The Student psychologists

The student psychologists at Tilburg University are:

Aquarius, A.E.A.M.
Name dr. A.E.A.M. (Annelies) Aquarius
Division Academic Support
Student Development
Position Student psychologist
Room A 106
Phone +31 13 466 2216

Available on: Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday (8:45 - 14.45 hrs.)

Haarbosch, J.M.
Name drs. J.M. (Jos) Haarbosch
Division Academic Support
Student Development
Position Student psychologist
Room A 104
Phone +31 13 466 2847

Available on: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays