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Study and Career Counselor

Do you have doubts about your studies? Do you wonder which master’s program matches your future dream job? Have you almost graduated and are you ready to take the first steps towards a career?

Determining your course

During your studies, there are many times when you have to make choices regarding the course of your future. Decisions on the study program you chose, internships, applications, and the labor market influence the goal you would like to reach. The Student Career Center Study and Career Counselors can guide you in making these decisions in a number of ways:

Are you a first year student and do you have doubts about your study choice?

Then take the workshop Rethinking your study choice (in Dutch): a short workshop that prepares and guides you in choosing a new study program.

Student Career Center or Education Coordinator?

Here at the Student Career Center we look at your question from the broad perspective of your study career. This guidance is more process-based and focuses on helping you gain more insight into what drives you. This helps you choose a study program or career.

If you have a question regarding the content of your study program, we comment you get in touch with your faculty’s Edcation Coordinator. They can tell you more about course content, admission requirements and exemptions.

Questionnaire ‘Assessing your current situation’

To gain insight into your personal situation and to what extent you can use advice or guidance, you can fill in the Assessing your current situation questionnaire (in Dutch). This questionnaire shows the current situation of your studies. After answering the questions, you receive information, advice and, if necessary, a reference to the Student Psychologist, Dean of Students, Education Coordinator or Study and Career Counselor.