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Themadossier Zorg / Topics Healthcare 2

Keeping healthcare affordable but sustainable and just at the same time. This crucial dilemma is the focus of many of our researchers from the viewpoint of economics, governance, sociology, psychology, law and ethics. Many of them cooperate closely with healthcare professionals.

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Themadossier Arbeidsmarkt / Topics Labour market

The European labor market is struggling because of the economic crisis and an aging working population. How do we make sure everybody will be able to participate?

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Dossier Duurzaamheid

Tilburg University's sustainability research includes issues in economics, ethics, and law. Within the Tilburg Sustainability Center researchers focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable development, environmental economics, climate change and sustainable investment.

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image vergrijzing topic

The Dutch pension system needs to be changed because if the economic crisis and aging of the population; the labor market faces problems too. How do we deal with the consequences of aging in society?

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Themadossier veiligheid / Topics security header

Protecting citizens against crime, war, terrorism and disasters is a crucial government responsibility. Is the government going too far sometimes, or not far enough? What can we do ourselves? Tilburg University investigates the security of society at various levels, including that of cyberspace.

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Topic pages Culture and religion

Secularisation and growing individualism have led to a search for new forms of spirituality, meaning and rituals in our society. Scientists analyze and interpret this development in which personal and social identity are under pressure.

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Topic pages Big Data

Our society is profiting ever more from the opportunities that large data sets provide to develop new products and services. But how do we treat those data? What about privacy and intellectual property issues? What’s the economic value? Tilburg University addresses these and other questions concerning Big Data in society.

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