The Dutch pension system needs to be changed because if the economic crisis and aging of the population; the labor market faces problems too. How do we deal with the consequences of aging in society?

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  • Behavioral economics applied to new pension contracts: shock-resistant and tailor-made 09 Nov 2015Press release Behavioral economics applied to new pension contracts: shock-resistant and tailor-made
    PRESS RELEASE 11-09-2015 - The optimal new pension contract can and must take into account people’s need for certainty and the possibility to spread the risk of financial setbacks out over time. Servaas van Bilsen argues this in his PhD thesis, Essays on Intertemporal Consumption and Portfolio Choice, which he defended at Tilburg University on November 4.

  • Netspar Annual Report 2013 16 Feb 2015Direct link Netspar Annual Report 2013: Informed Pension Debate
    The contribution Netspar has made to the pension discussion is widely valued. This past summer, in an evaluation performed by the NWO on behalf of the Dutch Ministries of SZW, EZ, Finance, and OCW, it received a score of “very good” in both the “scientific significance” and “societal significance” categories and “outstanding” on “national impact in economics.”

  • 'Employees are ready for flexible pensions' 19 Aug 2013Press release 'Employees are ready for flexible pensions'
    If employees are given the choice of when they can retire, they are very much influenced by the amount of pension they can expect to receive. Two-thirds of them are very interested in the option of semi-retirement, if it is available. “If it was up to employees, then a flexible pension system could be introduced today,” concludes Arthur van Soest of Tilburg University.

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    Competence Centre for Pension research
    Theme: Pensions and other provisions for the future
  • Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement
    Theme: Pensions, aging and retirement

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Talman, A.J.J.
Name prof. dr. A.J.J. Talman
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research
Position Hoogleraar
Room K 715
Phone +31 13 466 2346
E-mail talman@tilburguniversity.edu
Huizinga, H.P.
Name prof. dr. H.P. Huizinga
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics
Position Full Professor
Room K 304A
Phone +31 13 466 2623
E-mail h.p.huizinga@tilburguniversity.edu
Wilthagen, A.C.J.M.
Name prof. dr. A.C.J.M. (Ton) Wilthagen
Tilburg Law School
ReflecT, Research Institute for Flexicurity, Labour Market Dynamics and Social C
Position Full Professor
Room M 610
Phone +31 13 466 2473
E-mail wilthagen@tilburguniversity.edu
Meijdam, A.C.
Name prof. dr. A.C. (Lex) Meijdam
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Dean's Office
Position Dean
Room K 121
Phone +31 13 466 2385
E-mail a.c.meijdam@tilburguniversity.edu

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