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PhD Defence: The importance of vulnerable leadership

What is the importance of vulnerable leadership? Recent leadership theories emphasize the importance of vulnerability. But vulnerability always entails the risk of getting hurt. Johannes Claeys clarifies these risks in his dissertation. October 10 he defends his PhD on Leadership and Vulnerability at Tilburg University (Ruth First Room, 14.00 pm). Promotor professor Gerda van Dijk (TSH).

As a leader, circumstances can put you in a vulnerable situation. It is important to be aware of the process that unfolds in those circumstances to better understand when you can and can’t be vulnerable. And, furthermore, to recognize and facilitate this process in others. Because yes, vulnerability has its benefits. Owning up to your mistakes, standing close to your people and being open about your personal affairs leads to more solidarity, trust, hope and openness, and creates a safe space.  Research has shown that this openness and safety in teams in turn facilitates mutual learning and makes them more innovative.

But we have to be aware of the possible negative effects, such as damaged credibility. Vulnerability is a strong hand to play, but when you play it constantly, its impact diminishes.

So how do you make sure that you maintain the right balance? Read more about Johannes Claeys and his model of Transitory Vulnerability.