Social Innovation

Workshop Science with a Soul for interested parties

The Tilburg University Impact program is getting ready for a workshop with social parties and companies based on the theme of ‘Science with a Soul’. On September 28, during the Dear Future festival in the Tilburg Spoorzone, we will enter into a debate with interested organizations on topics that we can address jointly with research and ‘living labs’.

The Impact program, created to increase the societal impact of our research, combines forces within and outside the university on three themes: Empowering the Resilient Society, Creating Value from Data, and Enhancing Health and Wellbeing. The opening conference of June 26th resulted in a lot of positive and valuable feedback.

In the near future six projects will get going designed to improve the resilience of young people with the help of Tilburg University research. NWO has awarded grants to undertake these projects to contribute to the Nationale Research Agenda (NWA). The Resilient Society is one of the research topics in this Agenda.

The Impact team is also creating new PhD positions to strengthen the Impact program as well as an Impact Prize. More information will follow shortly.

For more information about the workshop Science with a Soul on September 28th please consult the Dear Future, website. For the Impact program see