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A.F. (Anne) Rutkowski


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Prof. dr.


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Ph.D. in Cognitive and Social Psychology

Research Interests:

Virtual teams:

The HKNet project is an educational project between virtual teams of students from The Netherlands (Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology), the City University in Hong Kong (China) and the University of Central Florida (USA) . The project started in 1998. A variety of technologies, primarily GroupSystems and videoconferencing, were used to provide support for the virtual teams over a six-week period. More information at

In 2002, she received the 2002: 'Philips Innovation Award' for the project. In 2004, the project received the "First Annual AIS 2004 (Association for Information Systems) Award for Innovation in Information Systems Education", with honorable mention.

Since 2008 the VTs are also using Second Life to interact and communicate across time and culture. Recent research focus on the use of virtual world (e.g., second life) to increase virtual team collaboration in education (see

ITS in Healthcare:

Recent developments in ITs towards a digital hospital address medical practitioners and patients within the walls of the hospital. Little attention has been given to cross these walls. Also, research are conducted in that direction since 1998. The Telebaby project, an internet facility coupled to video-streaming that links parents to their hospitalized premature infant in intensive care, is an example of the latest development.

Applications of Information Technologies (ITs) are increasing in the healthcare domain. ITs have been proven to be a support for the dissemination of knowledge and training amongst specialists in the use of computer-aided surgery. Since 2008, she is leading a set of research at Dutch hospitals (Eindhoven and Twente) to better understand the effect of Information Technologies in the operating room (OR). IT does bring physical and cognitive demands on the medical staff causing new form of errors and increasing stress. 

Overload with Technologies:

Recent research and publications address the topic of "Overload with technologies" and more particularly to the cognitive antecedents (such as Cognitive Absorption) of overload with ITs at the workplace, for example addressing e-mail in organizations. Working papers on the topic under review.


2005 - present: Associate Professor of Information Systems, Tilburg University

1999-2005: Assistant Professor, Tilburg University

1998-1999: Assistant researcher, Tilburg University

1997-1998: Assistant professor University Faculte Libre des Sciences Humaines, researcher group Emotion and Cognition

1995-1997: Committee selection, French Ministry of National and Superior Education of Research and Technology, French Ministry of Health Economic and Social affairs

1995-1997: Lecturer, University of Lille III, Faculte Libre des Sciences Humaines, Departments of Psychology; Economy and Administration

1994: Psychometrical test developer, French Ministry of Interior, Security Direction


Most recent publications

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European project


External accreditation

2002: 'Philips Innovation Award' for her course 'Group Decision Support System (GDSS)'.

2004: the First Annual AIS 2004 (Association for Information Systems) Award for 'Innovation in Information Systems Education' with honorable mention.



A.F. (Anne) Rutkowski teaches the following subjects:

Contact details
Room K 1119
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg 
Phone+31 13 466 2138
Secretary+31 13 466 2188
Fax +31 13 466 3069

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management

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Last amended: 09 December 2013

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