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J.E.J. Prins

Professor Law and Informatisation and Dean Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)



1. technology regulation (internet, biotechnology)

2. Cybersecurity and Law

3. iGovernment

4. privacy, personal data protection & internet

Key words


Most recent publications

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Slavic Literature and Languages, Leiden University LLB (1980-1983)

Law, Leiden University, LLB & LLM (1983-1986)

PhDáin Law, Leiden University (1991)


Assistant Professor, Law School Leiden University (1986-1994)
Visiting Professor Hastings Law School, University of California, USA (1991)
Full Professor Law and Informatisation, Tilburg Law School (1994 - present)
Founder and Director Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT) (1994 - 2008)
Director of Studies Research Master in Law, Tilburg University (2006-2008)
Council Member. Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) (2008-2013)
Dean, TilburgáLaw School (2013 - present)


Most recent publications

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Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT) research

Her present research topics include (international) regulatory questions of ICT and new technologies (biotechnology, ambient intelligence, nanotech), commodification & propertisation of information, consumer protection in an ICT-society, biometric technology, e-government, NGO?s and new technologies, privacy and anonymity, identity management, identity theft/fraud and on-line personalisation.

External accreditation

Research supervision

Sjaak Nouwt, Zorg voor privacy. Informatietechnologie en informationale privacy in de gezondheidszorg, defended Tilburg 21 May 1997

Andreas Mitrakas, Open EDI and Law in Europe, defended Rotterdam (EUR) 1997 (second supervisor; with prof. dr. Richard de Mulder)

Luuk Matthijssen, Interfacing between Lawyers and Computers. An Architecture for Knowledge-based Interfaces to Legal Databases, defended Tilburg 9 April 1999 (with dr. W. Voermans, Tilburg University)

Clarisse Girot, User Protection in IT Contracts. A Comparative Study of the Protection of the User Against Defective Performance in Information Technology, defended Tilburg 2 March 2001 cum laude (with prof. dr. J. Spier, Tilburg University)

Maurice Schellekens, Aansprakelijkheid van internetaanbieders, defended 23 March 2001 (with prof. dr. M.S. Groenhuijsen, Tilburg University)

Eric Schreuders, Data Mining, het toetsen van beslisregels en privacy, defended 23 May 2001

Simone van der Hof, Internationale on-line overeenkomsten. Internationaal privaatrechtelijke aspecten van on-line business-to-business en business-to-consumer overeenkomsten in Europa en de Verenigde Staten, defended 4 December 2002 (with prof. dr. K. Boele-Woelki, Utrecht University)

Peter Blok, Het recht op privacy. Een onderzoek naar de betekenis van het begrip ?privacy? in het Nederlands en Amerikaans recht, defended 18 October 2002 (with dr. A.H. Vedder, Tilburg University)

Sander Huijsjes, Over dode lijnen en een heuvel recht. De privaatrechtelijke aansprakelijkheid voor schade als gevolg van falende telecommunicatiedienstverlening, defended 13 June 2002 (second supervisor; main supervisor prof. dr. H. Franken, Leiden University)

Ton Schudelaro, Electronic Payment Systems and Money Laundering. Risks and Countermeasures in the Post-Internet Hype Era, defended 17 October 2003 (with prof. dr. H. van Tilburg, Technical University Eindhoven, dr. B.J. Koops, Tilburg University)

Colette Cuijpers, Privacyrecht of privaatrecht? Een privaatrechtelijk alternatief voor de implementatie van de Europese privacyrichtlijn, defended 17 September 2004 (with prof. dr. J Vranken, Tilburg University)

Bart Custers, The Power of Knowledge. Ethical, Legal, and Technological Aspects of Data Mining and Group Profiling in Epidemiology, defended 22 October 2004 (with dr. A. Vedder, Tilburg University)

Tom de Wit, De productketen ge´nformeerd. Een onderzoek naar de regulering van de informatievoorziening met betrekking tot de milieuaspecten van producten in productketens, defended 9 September 2005 (with prof. dr. J.M. Verschuuren, Tilburg University; dr. ir. J.M.N. van Kasteren, Technical University Eindhoven).

Nicole van der Meulen, Fertile Grounds. The facilitation of Financial Identity Theft in the United States and The Netherlands, defended 10 December 2010 (with prof. dr. B.J. Koops, Tilburg University)

Nadya Purtova, Property Rights in Personal Data: a European Perspective, defended 16 February 2011 (main supervisor; with prof. dr. P. De Hert, Tilburg University). Cum laude

Lokke Moerel, Binding Corporate Rules. Fixing the Regulatory Patchwork of data protection, defended 19 September 2011.


Other activities

Member Supervisory Board, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Member of the Board, Rathenau Institute

MemberáSupervisory Board, Rabobank Tilburg e.o.

MemberáCybersecurity Council

Member Dutch Copyright Committee (advisory body to the government)

Vice-Chair Sociaal Wetenschappelijke Raad (SWR)

Chair Review Committee Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum (WODC), Ministery of Security andáJustice

Contact details
Room M 213
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg 
Phone+31 13 466 2329
Secretary+31 13 466 2290
Fax +31 13 466 3750

Personal homepage

Professor Law and Informatisation and Dean Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

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Last amended: 06 September 2013

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