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dr. A. (Afra) Alishahi

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


My primary research interest involves the development of computational models of human language acquisition. Computational modeling is an effective tool for studying human cognition: whereas linguistic and psychological theories often give a high level explanation for the experimental data, computational models provide a detailed account of the underlying mechanisms for the cognitive task at hand. Moreover, the behaviour of a model can be directly compared to that of humans through computational simulation.



Principal publications

  • Afra Alishahi (2010). Computational Modeling of Human Language Acquisition. Synthesis Lectures on Human Language Technologies, Morgan & Claypool.
  • Afra Alishahi and Suzanne Stevenson (2010). Learning general properties of semantic roles from usage data: a computational model. Language and Cognitive Processes, 25:1, 50-93.
  • Afsaneh Fazly, Afra Alishahi and Suzanne Stevenson (2010). A probabilistic computational model of cross-situational word learning. Cognitive Science, 34:6, 1017-1063.
  • Afra Alishahi and Suzanne Stevenson (2008). A computational model for early argument structure acquisition. Cognitive Science, 32:5, 789-834.
  • Afra Alishahi, Afsaneh Fazly, Judith Koehne and Matthew Crocker (in press). Sentence-based attentional mechanisms in word learning: Evidence from a computational model, To appear in the special issue of Frontiers in Developmental Psychology.

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Last amended: 20 April 2012