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dr. A.J.A.M. Naus

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Nature, determinants, and consequences of employee attitudes and behavior


Principal publications

  • Naus, F. (2005). Geld, arbeidsmoraal en eigenwaarde: Een beschouwing over oorzaken en gevolgen van beloningen van topbestuurders. Goed Bestuur; Tijdschrift over Governance, 1(2): 18-23.
  • Naus, F., van Iterson, A. & Roe, R.A. (2007). Value incongruence, job autonomy, and organization-based self-esteem: A self-based perspective on organizational cynicism. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 16(2): 195-219.
  • Naus, F., van Iterson, A. & Roe, R.A. (2007). Organizational cynicism: Extending the exit, voice, loyalty, and neglect model of employees' responses to adverse conditions in the workplace. Human Relations, 60(5): 683-718.
  • Naus, F. (2011). Wat motiveert (top)bestuurders? Goed Bestuur; Tijdschrift over Governance, 7(3): 16-21.
  • de Haan, J., Naus, F. & Overboom, M. (2012). Creative tension in a lean work environment: Implications for logistics firms and workers. International Journal of Production Economics, 137(1): 157-164.

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Last amended: 23 May 2016