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dr. A.J.M. Elshof

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Practical Theology and Religious Studies



My research focuses on developments within the religious upbringing and religious education. I examine the role and contribution of family life, of catholic secundary schools and church life. I have a special focus on the mutual expectations and communication among these three participants in the religious upbringing and education and I have attention to their interdependence and commitment.

Key words

·practical theology

·empirical research

·development of the semiotic analysis of communication

·religious socialisation and education

·catholicism in family life and upbringing

·catholic faith and generation

·development of shape and meaning of catholic faith

·religious communication between school, family and parish

·roman-catholic theology about family life and educational community

·catholic identity of the catholic secundary education

·religious education in religious affilliated schools

·catechesis in parish life

·catechesis in health institutions and prisons

·catholicism and culture




Principal publications

  • Van huis uit katholiek. Een praktisch theologisch, semiotisch onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van religiositeit in drie generaties van rooms-katholieke families. Delft, Eburon 2008.
  • Religious Heritage. The Development of Religiosity and Religious Socialisation over three Generations of Roman Catholic Family Life. In: D. Owetschkin (Hg). Tradierungsprozesse im Wandel der Moderne. Klartext 2012, 165-180
  • Catholic Schools and Catholic Social Teaching: A Contribution to Social life in the Netherlands. In: L. Huffaker (Ed.) Coming out Religiously. religion, the Public sphwere, and Religious Identity Formation.Boston 2013 REA/APPRE Proceedings. http:/
  • Religious Narrative and the Body. In: R. Ganzevoort et al. Religious Stories We Live By. Narrative Approaches in Theology and Religious Studies. Brill 2014, 157-168.
  • Catholic Schools and the Embodiment of Religiosity. The Development of Catholicity towards the Common Good. In: . The Journal of the Religious Education Association.Publication spring 2015.

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Last amended: 24 April 2018