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dr. A. Karreman

Assistant professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Medical and Clinical Psychology


Principal publications

  • Karreman, A., Laceulle, O. M., Hanser, W. E., & Vingerhoets, A. J. J. M. (2017). Effects of emotion regulation strategies on music-elicited emotions: An experimental study explaining individual differences. Personality and Individual Differences, 114, 36-41.  
  • Sempértegui, G. A., Karreman, A., van Hout, G. C. M., & Bekker, M. H. J. (2016). Functional status in patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms: Coping styles and their relationship with depression and anxiety. Journal of Health Psychology, published online.
  • Van Broekhoven, K., Hartman, E., Spek, V., Bergink, V., van Son, M., Karreman, A., & Pop, V. (2016). The Pregnancy Obsession-Compulsion-Personality Disorder Symptom Checklist. Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy, 6, 233.  
  • Koemans, R. G., van Vroenhoven, S., Karreman, A., & Bekker, M. H. J. (2015). Attachment and autonomy problems in adults with ADHD. Journal of Attention Disorders, 19, 435-446. 

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Last amended: 19 May 2017