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prof. dr. A.L.H.M. van Wieringen

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Biblical Sciences and Church History

Principal publications

  • Psalm 65 as Non-Appropriation Theology, Biblica 95/2 (2014) 179-197.
  • Two Reading Options in Psalm 114: A Communication-Oriented Analysis, Revue Biblique 122/1 (2015) 46-58.
  • The 'I'-Figure's Relations in the Poem in Isa 38,10-20, Biblica 96/4 (2015) 481-497.
  • Transformative Poetry: A General Introduction and a Case Study of Psalm 2,M. Sarot / A.L.H.M. van Wieringen (eds.), Transformative Poetry and Its Role in Catholic Theology. Dutch Contributions to Contemporary Catholic Research, Perichoresis 14/2 (2016), 3-20 en
  • Reading Towards the Future in the Book of Isaiah: The beyond the days (Isa 2,2) and the days of the Kings, Gregorianum 98 (2017) 223-236.

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Last amended: 08 May 2018