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prof. dr. A. Pemberton

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School


Prof. dr. Antony Pemberton (1975, London, UK) is Full Professor of Victimology and Director of the International Victimology Institute Tilburg (INTERVICT).

His research is a wide-ranging attempt to gain further insight into victimological perspectives on justice. In doing so he draws on a variety of source disciplines, including political science, social and moral psychology, criminology, (legal) philosophy and criminal law. Much of his work has a strong theoretical emphasis, but includes empirical studies as well, while maintaining a clear link with victim-oriented policy and other practical applications.

Dr. Pemberton has published over 80 articles, books and book chapters on the subject of victimology. Amongst others he has co-authored a book on victims of terrorism, co-edited a voluma on victims of international crimes,  published a series of articles about victims restorative justice and completed evaluations of the Dutch victim impact statement and the European Union Framework Decision on the standing of victims in criminal proceedings. He is the daily supervisor of five PhD-students working on victims in the criminal justice system. In 2013 he was awarded a VENI-grant by the Dutch Science Foundation. As an expert adviser to the European Commission he played an important role in the development of the  EU-directive on victims rights. Currently -together with Rianne Letschert - he leads the Intervict Reparations Initiative.

His teaching covers a wide range of victimological subjects. In INTERVICT's Master in Victimology and Criminal Justice he covers social-psychological and sociological approaches to victimology in the course Theories and Perspectives on Victimisation, while adressing issues of ethics, moral philosophy and psychology in connection to victimology in the course Ethics and Victimology.

He chairs the European Society of Criminology's working group on Victimology, a member of the scientific advisory board of Dutch Victim Support and a steering group member of the Academic Working Place 'Slachtofferhulp 2020' with the same organisation.


Principal publications

  • Groenhuijsen, M.S. & Pemberton, A. (2009). The EU Framework Decision. Does hard law maje a difference? European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, 17, 43-59
  • Pemberton, A. (2010). The crossover: an interdisciplinary approach to the study of victims of crime. Antwerpen/ Apeldoorn/ Portland, Maklu Publishers
  • Pemberton, A., Winkel, F.W. & Groenhuijsen, M.S. (2007). Taking victims seriously in restorative justice. International Perspectives in Victimology, 3(1), 4-14
  • Letschert, R.M., Staiger, I. & Pemberton, A.(eds.). (2010). Assisting Victims of Terrorism. Towards a European Standard of Justice. Houten, Springer.
  • Groenhuijsen, M.S. & Pemberton, A. (2011). Genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes: a victimological perspective. In: Letschert, R.M., De Brouwer, A.M., Haveman, R. & Pemberton, A. (eds.) Victimological approaches to international crimes. Antwerp. Intersentia.

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Last amended: 22 January 2019