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dr. B. Deleersnyder

Universitair hoofddocent 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Marketing


Her research involves studies in the area of grocery retailing and innovations, the impact from general economic conditions on consumer and company behavior, market(ing) performance measurement and management of change, and the demand for consumer durables.


Principal publications

  • ter Braak A., B. Deleersnyder, I. Geyskens, & M.G. Dekimpe (2013). Does Private-Label Production by National-Brand Manufacturers Create Discounter Goodwill? International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30 (4), 343-357 (winner of the 2013 IJRM-EMAC best paper award).
  • Deleersnyder, B., M.G. Dekimpe, J-B.E.M. Steenkamp, & P.S.H. Leeflang (2009). The role of national culture in advertising's sensitivity to business cycles: An investigation across continents, Journal of Marketing Research 46 (October), 623-636.
  • Lamey, L., B. Deleersnyder, M.G. Dekimpe, & J-B.E.M. Steenkamp (2007). How business cycles contribute to private-label success: Evidence from the U.S. and Europe, Journal of Marketing 71 (January), 1-15 (lead article, and finalist of the 2007 Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award).
  • Deleersnyder B., M.G. Dekimpe, M. Sarvary, & P.M. Parker (2004). Weathering tight economic times: The sales evolution of consumer durables over the business cycle,Quantitative Marketing and Economics 2 (4), 347-383. (an earlier version has appeared in 2004 as a Marketing Science Institute report #04-109, Cambridge, MA).

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Last amended: 06 February 2016