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dr. B.C.G. (Bart) Dierynck

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Accountancy


Dierynck, B., H. Leroy, G. Savage, and E. Choi. 2017. The role of individual and collective mindfulness in promoting occupational safety in health care. Medical Care Research and Review 74(1): 79-96. 

Halbesleben, J.R., H. Leroy, B. Dierynck, T. Simons, G. Savage, D. McCaughey, and M.R. Leon. 2013. Living up to safety values in health care: the effect of leader behavioral integrity on occupational safety. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 18(4): 395-405.

Cherchye, L., B. De Rock, B. Dierynck, F. Roodhooft, and J. Sabbe. 2013. Opening the black box of efficiency measurement: input allocation in multi-output settings. Operations Research 61(5): 1148-1165.

Leroy, H., B. Dierynck, F. Anseel, T. Simons, J.R. Halbesleben, D. McCaughey, G. Savage, L. Sels. 2012. Behavioral integrity for safety, priority of safety, psychological safety, and patient safety: a team-level study. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(6): 1273-1281.

Dierynck, B., W.L. Landsman, A. Renders. 2012. Do managerial incentives drive cost behavior? Evidence about the role of the zero earnings benchmark for labor cost behavior in Belgian private firms. The Accounting Review, 87(4): 1219-1246.


Bart Dierynck joined the accounting department of Tilburg University in the Fall of 2011, after receiving his Ph.D. from the KU Leuven. He obtained his Master in Applied Economics and Bachelor in Applied Economics from the same institution. Bart was also a visiting PhD-student at Emory University from January 2011 until July 2011. 

His current research can best be characterized as a systematic attempt to understand the mechanisms that firms (can) use to induce managers and employees to act in the best interest of the firm. The mechanisms Bart studies range from "hard" mechanisms such as control systems, organizational architecture, and accounting information to more "soft" mechanisms such as social norms and leadership. Next to studying the effect of these mechanisms in isolation, he is also interested in the interaction between "hard" and "soft" mechanisms. Bart uses quantitative research methods to examine his research questions, with a high focus on techniques drawn from experimental economics and psychology. His research has been published in leading academic journals such as The Accounting Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Operations Research.

Bart is an award-winning teacher who teaches about cost accounting, management control, corporate responsibility, and Integrated Reporting to both undergraduate students (bachelor and master students) and MBA-students.


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Last amended: 04 February 2017