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dr. B. Engelen

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy

Personal website

Principal publications

  • Engelen, B. (2017). A New Definition of and Role for Preferences in Positive Economics. Forthcoming in: Journal of Economic Methodology.
  • Engelen, B. (2016). Paternalism Revisited: Definitions, Justifications and Techniques. Forthcoming in: Political Theory.
  • Nys, T.R.V & Engelen, B. (2016). Judging Nudging: Answering the Manipulation Objection. Forthcoming in: Political Studies.
  • Engelen, B. (2007). Why Compulsory Voting Can Enhance Democracy. Acta Politica, 42 (1), 23-39.
  • Engelen, B. (2006). Solving the Paradox: The Expressive Rationality of the Decision to Vote. Rationality and Society, 18 (4), 419-441.

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Last amended: 13 October 2017