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prof. dr. B. Melenberg

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research


Bertrand Melenberg is professor of Econometrics and Finance at the Department of Econometrics & OR. He is also part-time affiliated to the Finance Department of the University. His research interests cover various fields such as Longevity Risk, Empirical Finance (Asset Pricing), Robust Optimization, and Environmental Econometrics. He is the Netspar-track coordinator. He teaches various courses in econometrics and finance, and supervises Ph.D. students.


Principal publications

  • Postek, K.S., den Hertog, D., and Melenberg, B. (2016), Computationally tractable counterparts of distributionally robust constraints on risk measures, SIAM Review, 58, 603-650.
  • Niu, G., & Melenberg, B. (2014), Trends in mortality decrease and economic growth, Demography, 51, 1755-1773.
  • Ben-Tal, A., den Hertog, D., De Waegenaere, A. M. B., Melenberg B., and Rennen G. (2013), Robust solutions of optimization problems affected by uncertain probabilities, Management Science, 59, 341-357.
  • Magnus, J.R., Melenberg, B., and Muris, C.H.M. (2011), Global warming and local dimming: The statistical evidence, Journal of the Statistical Association, 106, 452-464.
  • Vollebergh, H.R.J., Melenberg, B., and Dijkgraaf, E. (2009), Identifying reduced-form relations with panel data: The case of pollution and income, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 58, 27-42.
Last amended: 18 May 2018