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C.C.L. Kaland MA


Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Communication and Information Sciences


Principal publications

  • Kaland, C.C.L., Krahmer, E.J., & Swerts, M.G.J. (to appear). White bear effects in language production: evidence from the prosodic realisation of adjectives. Language and Speech 58 (1). [doi]
  • Kaland, C.C.L., Krahmer, E.J., & Swerts, M.G.J. (2013). On How Accent Distribution Can Signal Speaker Adaptation. Phonetica 69: 216-230. [doi]
  • Kaland, C.C.L., Swerts, M.G.J., & Krahmer, E.J. (2013). Accounting for the listener: Comparing the production of contrastive intonation in typically-developing speakers and speakers with autism. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 134 (3): 2182-2196. [doi]
  • Kaland, C.C.L., Krahmer, E.J., & Swerts, M.G.J. (2011). Contrastive intonation: Speaker- or listener-driven? In W.-S. Lee & E. Zee (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (pp. 1006-1009). [pdf]
  • Kaland, C.C.L. & van Heuven, V.J. (2010). The structure-prosody interface of restrictive and appositive relative clauses in Dutch and German. Speech Prosody 2010 100064:1-4, ISBN:978-0-557-51931-6. [pdf]

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Last amended: 03 February 2015