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dr. D.L. (Daniel) Oberski

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Methodology and Statistics

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I am assistant professor at the department of Methodology and Statistics.

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My research focuses on the problem of measurement in the social sciences. To draw accurate substantive conclusions, social scientists need to measure human behavior and opinions reliably and validly. Where this ideal is unattainable, the extent of the problem should be known so it can be accounted for in the substantive analysis. My research has contributed to this by:

  1. Estimating measurement error in hundreds of survey questions from the European Social Survey and creating a meta-analysis that predicts the extent of such errors;
  2. Developing models that correct multivariate social science analyses for the effects of measurement error while retaining accurate measures of uncertainty about the results;
  3. Introducing several novel methods to evaluate the fit of latent variable models, the type of model used to attain the two goals above;
  4. Collaborating on substantive social science research and implementing my own and


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    Please note: Our university has removed our phones and replaced them with a software. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot usually reach me by phone directly. I will receive any messages you leave, however.

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Last amended: 12 January 2016