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dr. D. Schoormans

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Medical and Clinical Psychology


As a post-doc researcher and fellow of the Dutch Cancer Society I am studying the relation between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. Due to the aging population and cardio-toxic cancer-therapies there is an increasing group of cancer patients who are diagnosed with cardiovascular co-morbidity. In the Netherlands it is estimated that around 20% of all patients have a CVD at the time of diagnosis. Moreover, a recent report by the Dutch Cancer Society estimated that another 35-65% develops a CVD within 5 years after diagnosis. Despite the large number of cancer patients with co-morbid CVD, the underlying mechanisms relating both conditions are unknown. More specifically, I aim to identify (1) predictors for the development and progression of cardiovascular co-morbidities and (2) behavioral and pathophysiological mechanisms through which these factors are involved in the pathogenesis of CVD.


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Last amended: 13 November 2017