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prof. dr. E.H.J. Vaassen RA

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Accountancy RA


Internal control theory, the use of decision aids in auditing, audit materiality, professional judgment in audit decision-making, control and compliance, control effects of IT, contract auditing, blockchain, and continuous monitoring.


Principal publications

  • Granlund, M., J. Mouritsen, and E.H.J. Vaassen. 2013. On the relations between modern information technology, decision making and management control. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. Vol.14, Issue 4, December, 275-277
  • Mancini, D., E.H.J. Vaassen, and R.P. Dameri. 2013. Trends in Accounting Information Systems. in: Mancini, D., E.H.J. Vaassen, and R.P. Dameri. 2013. Accounting Information Systems for Decision Making. Heidelberg: Springer
  • Bertrand, R.M.M., A.J.H.C. Schram, and E.H.J. Vaassen. 2013. Understanding Contract Audits: An Experimental Approach. Auditing; A Journal of Practice and Theory. Vol.32, No.1, February ¬†
  • Gomaa, M.I., J.E. Hunton, E.H.J. Vaassen, and M.A. Carree 2011. Decision aid reliance: Modeling the effects of decision aid reliability and pressures to perform on reliance behavior. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. Volume 12, Issue 3, September, 206-224
  • Hartmann, F.G.H. and E.H.J. Vaassen. 2003. The Changing Role of Management Accounting and Control Systems: Accounting for Knowledge Across Control Domains, in: A. Bhimani, Management Accounting in the Digital Economy. Oxford University Press.
Last amended: 21 May 2018