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dr. E.J. (Liesbeth) Hoeven

Manager/ Senior Researcher 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Faculty Board


As manager at the Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center (TCC) at Tilburg University, I'm responsible for the foundation of the center and its further development. The TCC, led by director Prof. Dr. Erik Borgman, seeks to give a new impulse to the debate on values within science from a Christian and Humanistic tradition and seeks out questions and issues surrounding identity that concern society at large. One of these questions concerns the future of commemoration. As the coordinator of the research program 'Re-Member', I work together with my research-team to initiate innovating activities revolving around commemoration and the celebration of freedom in the Netherlands:

  • In cooperation with national and regional commemoration-committees, heritage organizations, and national and regional policy and administrative bodies, Re-Member develops a vision of the future for commemoration in the Netherlands in the form of policy recommendations.
  • In cooperation with representatives from primary and secondary education, Re-Member develops new teaching modules.
  • In cooperation with artists, Re-member designs and develops new spaces for commemoration.
  • In cooperation with journalist and other media-experts, Re-Member raises awareness of these policy-recommendations, teaching modules, new spaces for commemoration and visions of the future amongst a broad public.
  • In cooperation with representatives from academia, Re-Member organizes symposia and debates of which the outcomes are incorporated in the reflection on social and cultural commemorative processes and coinciding products.


Principal publications

  • Column: Liesbeth Hoeven, 'Citizen Science', weblog Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center, 21 juni 2016. Zie: 
  • Artikel: Liesbeth Hoeven, 'Hoe aansprekend te herdenken? 4 Meiherdenking aan de Tilburgse universiteit', in De Bezieling, 27 april 2017. Zie:
  • Boekrecensie: Liesbeth Hoeven, 'Persoonlijke zwijgzaamheid en publieke openhartigheid. De biografie van Loe de Jong?, in Onderzoek uitgelicht (Magazine Nationaal ?Comité 4 en 5 mei) 4 (2015), 4-11. Zie:
  • Interview: Liesbeth Hoeven, "We besloten: die verklaring tekenen we niet, punt uit'. Interview Frans Linders', in Until (Alumnimagazine Tilburg University) (2015) 2, 2-23. Zie:
  • Policy paper: Liesbeth Hoeven, 'Pleidooi voor counterstory-telling', in Jaarthema Dossier Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 Mei, april 2017. Zie:       
Last amended: 29 September 2017