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prof. dr. E.J. Krahmer

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department Communication and Cognition


My research is aimed at getting a better understanding of how humans exchange information during communication (both verbally and non-verbally, using speech, gestures and facial expressions), which in turn may help for improving the way computers present information and communicate with humans. To achieve this, I am interested in combining insights from both computational linguistics as well as psycholinguistics. 


Principal publications

  • Krahmer, E., and K. van Deemter (2012). Computational Generation of Referring Expressions: A Survey. Computational Linguistics, 38(1), 173-218.
  • Krahmer, E., S. van Erk, and A. Verleg (2003). Graph-based Generation of Referring Expressions. Computational Linguistics, 29(1), 53-72.
  • Krahmer, E. and M. Swerts (2007). The effects of visual beats on prosodic prominence: Acoustic analyses, auditory perception and visual perception. Journal of Memory and Language, 57 (3), 396-414.
  • Krahmer, E. and M. Theune (2002). Efficient context-sensitive generation of referring expressions. In: Information Sharing: Givenness and Newness in Language Processing, K. van Deemter and R.Kibble (eds.), CSLI Publications, Stanford, 223-264.
  • Swerts, M. and E. Krahmer (2005), Audiovisual prosody and feeling of knowing, Journal of Memory and Language, 53(1), 81-94.

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Last amended: 05 January 2016