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dr. F.C. van de Voorde

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Human Resource Studies


Karina van de Voorde her research is focused on aligning the Organizational Behavior/Occupational Health Psychology orientation towards the topic of HRM and organizational performance.


Principal publications

  • Van De Voorde, K., Paauwe, J., & Van Veldhoven, M. (Forthcoming). Employee wellbeing and the HRM-organizational performance relationship: A review of quantitative studies. International Journal of Management Reviews.  
  • Van De Voorde, K., Paauwe, J. & Van Veldhoven, M. (2010). Predicting business unit performance using employee surveys: Monitoring HRM-related changes. Human Resource Management Journal, 20, 1, 44-63.
  • Van De Voorde, K. (2010). Human Resource Management, employee well-being and performance: A balanced perspective.
  • Kroon, B., Van de Voorde, K., & Van Veldhoven, M. (2009). Cross-level effects of High Performance Work Practices on burnout: Two counteracting mediating mechanisms compared. Personnel Review, 38, 5, 509-525.
  • Peccei, R., Van De Voorde, K., & Van Veldhoven, M. HRM, well-being and performance: A theoretical and empirical review (Forthcoming). In: J. Paauwe, D.E. Guest,  & P.M. Wright (Eds). Human resource management and performance: Progress and prospects. Oxford: Blackwell.

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Last amended: 10 April 2017