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dr. F.G. Bosman


Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy


As a reseacher at the Tilburg Cobbenhagen Center I am currently involved in a major research project concerning religious journalism in the Netherlands. The other half of my academic work concenr the combination of theology, faith and videogames.


Principal publications

  • 'The incarnated gamer. The theophoric quality of games, gaming, and gamers', in: Jayne Gackenbach & Johnathan Brown (red.), Boundaries of the self and reality online. Implications of digitally constructed realities, Londen (2017), p. 187-204.
  • ??We do not pray, we invent?. Jews, Judaism and Jewish mysticism in the video game Wolfenstein. The New Order?, samen met Leo Mock, in: Albertina Houtman, Tamar Kadari, Marcel Poorthuis en Vered Tohar (red.), Religious stories in transformation. Conflict, revision and reception, Leiden (2016), p. 376-398.
  • Hugo Ball, samen met Theo Salemink, Berne: Heeswijk (2016).
  • ??Nothing is true, everything is permitted.? The portrayal of the Nizari Isma?ilis in the Assassin?s Creed game series, in: Simone Heidbrink & Tobias Knoll (red.), Religion in Digital Games Respawned, Online ? Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet, Vol 10 (2016), p. 6-26.

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Last amended: 08 May 2018