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mr. G. van Dijck

Director of Studies, Associate Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Private Law


Van Dijck is an empirical legal scholar who specializes in tort law, insolvency law, and research methodology, including empirical legal research. Research topics include the role of non-monetary relief in tort law, apologies and law, the effects tort law has on behavior, class actions, funding mechanisms in bankruptcies, counterintuitive thinking in legal research, and how empirical legal research can improve legal methodology. He has taught courses in tort law, contract law, property law, family law, legal methodology, and empirical legal research.

Van Dijck has been a speaker at various conferences, including ones at Harvard and Yale. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford University in 2011. He is the Director of Studies of the Research Master in Law Program at Tilburg Law School and a judge (rechter-plaatsvervanger) at the court of Breda, The Netherlands (four to six sessions a year).


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Last amended: 18 March 2016