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dr. H.J.M.J. (Harm) Goris

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy


My area of competence is dogmatic theology. My areas of specialization are Thomas Aquinas, contemporary doctrine of God and creation theology.


Most recent publications

  • Goris, H.J.M.J. (2017). Bellarminus. In Laurens ten Kate & Marcel Poorthuis (Eds.), 25 eeuwen theologie (pp. 434-439).: Boom.
  • Goris, H.J.M.J. (2017). Thomas van Aquino. In Laurens ten Kate & Marcel Poorthuis (Eds.), 25 eeuwen theologie (pp. 327-333).: Boom.
  • Goris, H.J.M.J. (2017). De bijna-doodervaring en Thomas' visie op de onsterfelijke ziel. In Rudi te Velde (Ed.), Homo sapiens: Thomas van Aquino en de vraag naar de mens (pp. 122-138).: Valkhof Pers. (Annalen van het Thijmgenootschap, 105).
  • Goris, H.J.M.J. (2017). Acquired and Infused Moral Virtues in Wounded Nature. In Henk Schoot & Harm Goris (Eds.), The Virtuous Life: Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtues (pp. 21-46). Leuven: Peeters. (Publications of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, 17).
  • Goris, H.J.M.J. (2017). Thomas Aquinas. Routledge Companion to Free Will (pp. 264-274). New York: Routledge.

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Last amended: 24 February 2016