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mr.dr. H. Oosterom-Staples

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department European and International Public Law

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Helen Oosterom-Staples's research focuses on EU migration law, in particular the rights of EU citizens and their family members and Turkish nationals under the EEC-Turkey Agreement. She has also published on the EU?s rules on external borders, family reunification and the Long-term residents Directive. Her knowledge of EU and international law allows her to take a holistic approach on migration issues which has enabled her to identify gaps in the EU's protection regime. She is currently working in the immigration issues which have are in part debit to the Brexit.



Principal publications

  • To What Extent has Reverse Discrimination Been Reversed, 14 European Journal of Migration and Law (2012 - 2) pp. 151-172
  • Effective Rights for Third Country Nationals?, in: H. Lindahl (ed.) A Right to Inclusion and Exclusion? Normative Foundations of European Immigration Policy (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2009) pp. 65-92
  • Using National Security and Public Policy to Combat Terrorism; The Case of the Netherlands, 7 European Journal of Migration and Law (2008-1) pp. 51-75
  • Commentaar op het Europese Migratierecht; richtlijn 2004/38/EG (coauteur: A. Woltjer) en de vrije verkeersbepalingen in de Associatieovereenkomst EEG-Turkije (SDU, Den Haag)
  • The Legal Status of Third Country Nationals Resident in the European Union, European Monographs nr. 22 (Kluwer Law International, Den Haag, 1999) - Dissertation

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Last amended: 09 November 2017