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mr.dr. H. Oosterom-Staples

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department European and International Public Law

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Helen Oosterom-Staples's research focuses on EU migration law, in particular the rights of EU citizens and their family members and Turkish nationals under the EEC-Turkey Agreement. She has also published on the EU?s rules on external borders, family reunification and the Long-term residents Directive. Her knowledge of EU and international law allows her to take a holistic approach on migration issues which has enabled her to identify gaps in the EU's protection regime.



Principal publications

  • Residence Rights for Caring Parents who are also Victims of Domestic Violence, 19 European Journal of Migration and Law (2017) pp. 396-424   
  • To What Extent has Reverse Discrimination Been Reversed?, 14 European Journal of Migration and Law (2012 ? 2) pp. 151-172
  • Effective Rights for Third Country Nationals?, in: H. Lindahl (ed.) A Right to Inclusion and Exclusion? Normative Foundations of European Immigration Policy (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2009) pp. 65-92
  • Using National Security and Public Policy to Combat Terrorism; The Case of the Netherlands, 7 European Journal of Migration and Law (2008-1) pp. 51-75
  • The Legal Status of Third Country Nationals Resident in the European Union, European Monographs nr. 22 (Kluwer Law International, Den Haag, 1999) - Dissertation

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Last amended: 23 May 2018