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prof. dr. H.A. Akkermans


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Henk Akkermans's research addresses the issue of how interorganizational supply chains and networks, where no single party exerts full control, can nevertheless effectively co-ordinate their behavior. His focus is on technical, innovation-driven sectors (such as electronics, aerospace, telecom, process industry and the maritime sector), but also on health care and public infrastructure.

Henk Akkermans is fundamentally interested in the interactions between shop floor operations and customer demand, and in the roles that management information and cognitive limitations in decision-making play in this. His interest stretches all the way from new product/service development onto maintenance, repair & overhaul activities. In order to obtain deeper insight in these complex issues, he develops system dynamics simulation models of real-world settings.

Henk Akkermans has a special interest in the role of Japan in international business and in the exceptional importance of smart maintenance for our present-day economy. He is also the director of the World Class Maintenance foundation in Breda.





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Last amended: 23 June 2016