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dr. I.J.P. Sieben

Universitair docent 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences


Principal publications

  • Sieben, I & E. Verbakel (2013). Permissiveness Toward Divorce: The Influence of Divorce Experiences in Three Social Contexts. European Sociological Review: 1-14. DOI: 10.1093/esr/jct008.
  • Halman, L, I. Sieben & M. Van Zundert (2011). Atlas of European Values: Trends and Traditions at the turn of the Century. Leiden: Brill Publishers
  • Sieben, I, A. de Grip, J. Longen & O. Sørensen (2009). Technology, Selection, and Training in Call Centers. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 62 (4): 553-572.
  • Sieben, I. (2007) Does Training Trigger Turnover - Or Not? The impact of formal training on graduates' job search behaviour. Work, Employment and Society, 21 (3): 397-416.
  • Sieben, I & P.M. de Graaf (2004). Schooling or Social Origin? The Bias in the Effect of Educational Attainment on Social Orientations. European Sociological Review, 20: 107-122.

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Last amended: 16 December 2014