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I.S. (Ingemarie) Sam ME

Program manager 

Division Marketing & Communication
External & Campus Communication


As program manager of Academic Forum, I organise cultural and artistic programs for students of Tilburg University in particular, for broadening their horizons. Those programs are always cocreated in collaboration with study associations like Complex and Animo and partners as Tilburg library De Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Museum De Pont. Programs I work on are Who's afraid of Art?, Human Library and Visual Thinking strategies (VTS). Besides that I am the organizer of the yearly campus poet election and other poetry activities on campus, together with the current campus poet and the Tilburg city poet. I am a bachelor of Art Therapies and master of Art Education and five workshops in art therapy and VTS.

About my master research about the exhibits Art as Therapy in Amsterdam and Toronto, an article has been published in the Dutch journal of Art Therapy: (in Dutch).

Last amended: 16 July 2018