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prof. dr. J.J. Graafland

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


Johan Graafland is economist and theologian and specialized in the field of macroeconomic ethics, business ethics/corporate social responsibility and a Christian view of the economy. The macroeconomic ethics considers the morality of economic institutions. Prof. Graafland applies economic ethics to the evaluation of market operation in specific segments of the economy. A second area of research is business ethics. Prof. Graafland is particularly specialized in the field of corporate social responsibility. He has done several conceptual as well as empirical researches to corporate social responsibility. Since March 2010 he performs a large scale research to corporate social responsibility of companies in Europe for the European Union (KP7). Furthermore, prof. Graafland has done several empirical researches to the influence of religion on corporate social responsibility.


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Last amended: 14 June 2018