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Your photograph J.M. Barendrecht


Tilburg Law School
Department of Private Law


Maurits Barendrecht (1956) practiced law at a major Dutch law firm (1982-1997) and is professor of Private Law at Tilburg University since 1992. He studies dispute systems (legal procedures, negotiation processes, ADR, informal dispute mechanisms) from an interdisciplinary perspective. He systematically looks for knowledge from economics, psychology, organisation theory, negotiation theory, and conflict studies that may be integrated with best practices, in order to improve dispute systems so that they serve the interests of the people that rely on them in a better way.

His research takes places within  Tisco (Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems). He is also academic director of HiiL Innovating Justice, a leading innovation institute for the justice sector in which Tilburg University participates. Here, he assists courts and other justice sector organisations with developing innovative procedures and measuring access to justice. He also consults on strategies based on innovation.


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Last amended: 08 March 2013