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prof. dr. J.M. (Jonathan) Verschuuren

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance


Verschuuren's research mainly focuses on the role of international and EU environmental law in legal practice. Current research focuses on climate change, particularly adaptation. As of 2015, Verschuuren primarily researches the impact of climate change on agriculture and vice versa, particularly with a view to developing a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture. In 2015, he was awarded a two year Marie Sklodowska Curie Global Fellowship on this topic. In 2016, he spent 12 months at the ACCEL for the first year of this project, primarily with the aim to assess the experiences with Australia?s carbon farming initiative. This project also comprised empirical research, mostly through interviewing stakeholders (governments, carbon agents, farmers organisations, banks etc.). In 2017, he returned to Europe, to see whether and how similar instruments aimed at stimulating farmers to convert to climate smart practices can be integrated in the EU's climate and agricultural policies. In that year he also received the prestigious senior scholarship prize of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law.

Verschuuren has written more than 200 publications in the field on environmental law, include many articles in outstanding refereed journals throughout the world.

Some of his research themes: Climate change, adaptation, coastal adaptation, geo-engineering, climate change and armed conflicts, biodiversity, European and International Environmental Law, Environmental Law, Environmental Justice, Wild Birds and Habitats Directives, Wetlands Convention, precautionary principle, codification, globalisation and the environment, corporate social responsibility and environmental law, water law, transboundary cooperation


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Last amended: 14 August 2018