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dr. J.O. Prüfer

Assistant Professor�

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


Jens Prüfer is an economist at Tilburg University's School of Economics and Management (Tisem) and a member of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). His research focuses on institutional and organizational questions, applying economic methodology to a broad set of disciplines, including law, management, political science, history, religious studies, and computer science. He studied Economics and Chinese studies in Tübingen (Germany) and Singapore and holds a PhD in Economics from Goethe University Frankfurt

Principal publications

  • Masten, S.E. and J. Prüfer (forthcoming), "On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions: Communities and Courts," Journal of Legal Studies. pdf Supplement to section 2.4. pdf
  • Prüfer, J. and U. Walz (2013), "Academic Faculty Governance and Recruitment Decisions", Public Choice, 155(3), 507-529. pdf
  • Argenton, C. and J. Prüfer (2012), "Search Engine Competition with Network Externalities", Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 8(1), 73-105. pdf
  • Binswanger, J. and J. Prüfer (2012), "Democracy, Populism, and (Un)bounded Rationality", European Journal of Political Economy, 28, 358-372. pdf
  • Prüfer, J. (2011), "Competition and Mergers among Nonprofits", Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 7(1), 69-92. pdf

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Last amended: 07 January 2015