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J. (Janine) Reinert MA


Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Philosophy


Since January 2012, I occupy the PhD-position 'Natural Logic and Linguistic Semantics' in R. Muskens' NWO-funded project 'Towards Logics that Model Natural Reasoning'.

Until April 2011, I studied philosophy (1st major) at the University of Düsseldorf, where I obtained an MA ('Magister') degree with a thesis entitled 'Existenz und Quantifikation' ('Existence and Quantification') on problems of intentional inexistence. In my studies, I specialised in (the philosophy of) standard and non-standard logics, as well as metaphysics. (Actually, I consider these as two sides of a coin.)

Within metaphysics, I am particularly interested in modal ontology and theories of non-existence, as e.g. the philosophy of A. Meinong and current strands of noneism, which I discussed extensively in my MA thesis. Furthermore, I am concerned with diverse related questions of modal epistemology and meta-metaphysics.

My main philosophical interest thus lies at the intersection of epistemology and metaphysics, and their adequate reflection in logical and linguistic semantics. A recurring topic in my research is the justification of diverse ontological posits in logical and linguistic semantics, as, for example, the question of what the quantificational domain can and cannot include (and how we can know about that), which natural language expressions (if any at all) do carry ontological commitments, but also questions about the semantics itself, as, for instance, what  a domain itself can and cannot be in the face of paradox (and how we can model our reasoning about such questions).

Since they are loosely related to this general outlook on philosophy, I am also interested in questions of

  • logical pluralism and universalism
  • relevance in natural language
  • semantic closure and paraconsistency (for a few years now, I have considered myself a dialetheist)
  • the cognitive foundations of natural language and their impact on epistemology
  • the demarcation between abstract and concrete objects and its relevance for ontology.

I am glad to announce that my paper 'Ontological Omniscience in Lewisian Modal Realism' has been accepted by Analysis for publication (presumably October 2013).

Besides philosophy, I have also studied Modern Japanese Studies (2nd major), with a focus on social studies and cultural history. Despite the subject's contemporary outlook, I concentrated on medieval history, esp. the Tokugawa period, as well as religious architecture. I also speak and write a decent modern Japanese, and have basic knowledge in premodern literary Japanese (bungo).

I am a German native speaker, but I am also fluent in English. I speak and write Dutch in a very German manner, but (I believe) it is improving.



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Last amended: 13 January 2014