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prof. dr. J.M. Sprenger

Professor(Philosophy of Science)

Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Philosophy


I mainly work on the philosophy of statistical inference (philosophers say: inductive inference), containing methodological questions in statistics, the objectivity of data-based conclusions in science, and the foundations of probability.

Besides, I am busy with decision theory, social choice (judgment aggregation), social epistemology and in particular, models of consensus and disagreement.



Principal publications

  • Dawid, Richard, Hartmann, Stephan, and Sprenger, Jan (2014): The No Alternatives Argument. To appear in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
  • Sprenger, Jan (2013): Testing a Precise Null Hypothesis: The Case of Lindley's Paradox.Philosophy of Science 80: 733-744. 2013.
  • Sprenger, Jan, and Heesen, Remco (2011): The Bounded Strength of Weak Expectations. Mind 120: 819--832.
  • Schupbach, Jonah, and Sprenger, Jan (2011): The Logic of Explanatory Power. Philosophy of Science 78: 105--127.
  • Sprenger, Jan (2009): Evidence and Experimental Design in Sequential Trials. Philosophy of Science 76: 637--649.
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Last amended: 05 February 2014