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dr. J.M.M.G.F. Van Wiele

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Practical Theology and Religious Studies


My areas of research expertise focus on identity formation and mutual representation of Christianity and other religions, both from a historical, anthropological and educational perspective. This also includes the study of the history of theology and philosophy of religions in Christianity and other religions, especially Islam, as represented in educational as well as in more dogmatic and philosophical tracts.


Principal publications

  • Van Wiele, J. (2015). Interreligieuze dialoog en leerboekanalyse. Aanzet tot een onderzoeksmodel. Leuven: Acco.
  • Van Wiele, J.  (2008). Ex Oriente Lux? The Representation of Asiatic Religions and Cultures in Belgian and American Catholic Education from 1870 until 1950. Missionalia, 36 (1), 60-85.
  • Van Wiele, J. (2007). Neo-Thomism and the Theology of Religions: A Case Study on Belgian and US textbooks (1870-1950). Theological Studies68, 780-807.
  • Van Wiele, J. (2004). Mapping the Road for Balance. Towards the Construction of Criteria  for a Contemporary Interreligious Textbook Analysis Regarding Islam. International Journal of Education and Religion. 17 (1), 1-35.
  • Van Wiele, J. (2003). L'image de Mahomet dans les manuels scolaires Belges (1886-1944). Neue Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft , 59 (3), 115-130.

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Last amended: 18 May 2018