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prof. dr. K.G. (Katrien) Luijkx

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Tranzo, Scientific center for care and welfare


At the department of Tranzo prof. dr. Luijkx is professor of care for older adults and research manager of the Academic Centre Older Adults . Together with eleven organisations in elderly care, she realizes a long term research programm and knowledge transfer. The experiences and perspectives of older persons and their relatives are the starting point for innovation (social and technological) in elderly care. This way, the research is connected to the Dutch governmental policy, but at the same time secures quality of life of older persons as much as possible.

As supervisor prof. dr. Luijkx is involved in various PhD researches that have societal impact. The topics are among others: Frail elderly; Small scale living for elderly with dementia; Access to care; Responsibilities of administrators in elderly care; Wmo.


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Last amended: 29 June 2016