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L. (Lieke) Wijnia MA

PhD Researcher 

Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Culture Studies


PhD research: The notion of the sacred in contemporary culture, with a focus on musical performance

 My PhD research focuses on the notion of the sacred in contemporary culture. In the continuously changing cultural landscape, the festival Musica Sacra Maastricht manifests itself as a platform on which the full scope of sacrality can be explored and experienced by means of musical performances. Different involved groups in the festival are studied: the program committee, performers and composers, audience and critics. The experiences and processes of meaning making within and amongst these groups around the festival are analysed to trace and understand performative practices regarding music and sacrality. Ultimately, this project intends to address the role and meaning of art and music in contemporary society 

 Other research interests: Modern and contemporary art, Piet Mondrian & De Stijl, French Paint & Politics (1847-1880)


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Last amended: 04 June 2015