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M. Galic

PhD researcher 

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)


Conducting research in regard to privacy and big data-based security in public spaces. This research is connected to the ongoing Living Lab "Stratumseind 2.0" project on the prominent Stratumseind nightlife street in Eindhoven. The Stratumseind project is a public-private partnership in principle established to increase security so as to renovate the public area, bars and restaurants. Innovative solutions such as lighting, social media and gaming technologies are being deployed and tested in order to meet the goals. Through these solutions a great amount of data will become available for mining, leading to serious privacy concerns, discrimination when used for decision making, unfair treatment, exclusion, stigmatisation, de-individualisation, loss of autonomy and confrontation with unwanted information. These issues are further complicated by the fact that this is happening in public space, since the need for privacy protection in public spaces is likely not adequately covered by existing legal frameworks. This research will delve into such and similar issues, emphasizing which actions and acts pose an actual threat to or harm human rights and freedoms (and people's lives in general) and consequently develop a more adequate normative framework in this context.

Part of the 'Privacy protection in the 21st century' project (VICI NWO project of prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops). The research is aimed at finding new paradigms to legally protect citizens in the age of ubiquitous data, without linking the protection to a specific place: ?Right to Inviolability of the Home 2.0?. The project is not merely aimed at protection through legal rules, but also at possibilities to enforce legal protection through technology itself.
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Also taking part in the 'MicroMole - Sewage monitoring system for tracking synthetic drug laboratories' project: Part of the development and testing of the MicroMole prototype by anticipating on- and analyzing of- the systems non-technical boundaries such as privacy law, data protection and social acceptance.


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Last amended: 09 March 2017