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M. Husovec

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


Martin's scholarship focuses on innovation and digital liberties, in particular, regulation of intellectual property and freedom of expression.

His areas of interest include:

(i) liability, accountability and regualation of online platforms,

(ii) cross-border jurisdiction in the intellectual property disputes,

(iii) EU's free movement of goods and services and intellectual property law,

(iii) standardization and intellectual property law,

(iv) impact of data portability on innovation and competition,

(v) enforcement of intellectual property rights,

(vi) role of fundamental rights in shaping IP policy,

(vii) collective action in the unfair competition law and

(viii) law and economics of innovation.

If you are interested to become Martin's research assistant, please get in touch explaining your motivation and attaching your CV. Same applies to other kinds of proposals, such as PhD projects.


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Last amended: 17 May 2018