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dr. M.J.M. Hoondert

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


Martin J.M. Hoondert (* 1967) studied musicology and theology and is specialized in music and rituals. Since 2007 he is (assistant) professor of ?Music, Religion & Ritual? at the Department of Culture Studies of Tilburg University (the Netherlands). His research focuses on ?music and death? and ?practices of memorialization?. His research topics are: the contemporary Requiem, musical repertories of funeral rites, commemoration and music, music and grief, music and the First and Second World War, practices of memorialization regarding genocide (esp. Rwanda and Srebrenica). In cooperation with the universities of Bath (UK), Leuven (Belgium) and San Sebastian (Spain) he has established a network focusing on research into practices of memorialization and the process of social reconstruction after atrocities.

Martin Hoondert is chief editor of the magazine Gregoriusblad (magazine for liturgical music) and editor of the Yearbook for Liturgical and Ritual Studies and the series Liturgia Condenda (Leuven: Peeters).


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