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dr. M.J. van Hulst

Associate Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration

Framing in policy making

Over the last years I investigated framing processes. Recently the American Review of Public Administration published the paper From Policy "Frames" to "Framing": Theorizing a More Dynamic, Political Approach. This paper was written together with prof. dr. Dvora Yanow (Wageningen and Keele). Some time before Media, Culture & Society published a paper on narrative framing: This work was written in collaboration with Mirjam Siesling, Maartje van Lieshout and Art Dewulf. If you are interested in these publications, but have no access to them, please send me an email:


Merlijn van Hulst's general interest is in sense and meaning making in politics, policy making and public administration. He specializes in narrative and framing analysis. He has been involved in a variety of research projects that focus on local governance and has also studied practitioners in urban neighbourhoods. At the moment his focus is on the police force.


Principal publications

  • Hulst, M.J. van (2013). Storytelling at the police station: The canteen culture revisited. British Journal of Criminology 53 (4): 624-642.  
  • Hulst, M.J. van (2012). Storytelling, a model of and a model for planning. Planning Theory, 11(3), 299-318.
  • Hulst, M.J. van, Graaf, L. de & Brink, G. van den (2012). The work of exemplary practitioners in neighborhood governance. Critical Policy Studies 6 (4), 434-451.  
  • Yanow, D., Ybema, S., & Hulst, M.J. van (2012). Practising organizational ethnography. In D. Symon & C. Cassell (Eds.), Qualitative organizational research: Core methods and current challenges. London | New York: Sage Publications.  
  • Hulst, M.J. van, Graaf, L.J. de, & Brink, G.J.M. van den (2011). Exemplary practitioners: A review of actors who make a difference in governing. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 33 (1), 120-142.    

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Last amended: 09 September 2014