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prof. dr. M.T.H. (Marius) Meeus

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Organization Studies



Whereas during my appoint at Utrecht University I initially sticked to survey research, I developed some first experimental studies in the context of an NWO project Evolution and Behavior on social learning. After having moved to Organization Studies at Tilburg University I initiated a multi-method research tradition at OS, with my PhDs, and senior colleagues. One way of doing this is combining experimental research design with eg qualitative field work, surveys, or simulation studies. Another way of doing is combining network research from a structural perspective with behavioral  analyses like partner choice, or vignette studies.
I consider organizations as conformity generating machines that potentially kill innovation. So a big issue I study with my colleagues is how to identify social, behavioral and organizational mechanisms that circumvent this conformity at the benefit of innovation, and adaptation strategies.
For that purpose I use learning theories (plural) and am particularly interested in - what I call - accumulation or aggregation mechanisms. How does learning build up in dyads, in groups, teams, departments to the level of whole networks. I work again with my colleages on trial-and-error learning, interactive learning, learning from performance feeback, social learning and published on each of these theories.
As much organization theory and an overwhelming majority of OMT publications apply backward looking models, adaptation as well as innovation is very often modelled as a function of past experience. The point is that the past offers little guarantees for the future. So at present I am trying hard to put efforts in temporality, and forward looking aspects of organization theory and research.


My teaching is mainly on Organization Theory, both in rema and ba-degree courses. I also taught courses on Innovation, Adaptive behavior, and Organizational Research Methods.



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Last amended: 09 June 2017