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dr. M.B.J. (Maria) Mos


Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Communication and Information Sciences


My research focuses on linguistic mental representations, more specifically on frequency-driven and context-defined representations. To what extent do we know, either explicitly or implicitly, in what contexts (sentences, but also different text types) words and phrases typically occur? Do we make use of this knowledge when we process language? Is it easier to read and understand a word, an expression or a text when it is placed in its normal, typical context? And what does this tell us about the ways in which our knowledge of language is organized?

In my PhD-research, finished in 2010, the main research question was to what extent  implicit or explicit knowledge of morphological structure of lexical items plays a role in the mental lexicon. I looked at both the acquisition of new words and the processing of known words. Experiments to answer this question were carried out by monolingual Dutch children in primary school as well as their bilingual classmates who learn Dutch as a second language.


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Last amended: 08 April 2013