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dr. M.C.M. (Mel) van Elteren


TIAS Business School
TIAS Business School


Investigations of various topics regarding the economy, politics, labor and culture (and their interrelations) of industrial societies and emerging postindustrial societies, thereby borrowing theoretical frameworks and insights from the following fields:

sociology; social and labor history, and corporate history; European and American intellectual history, more specifically in relation to the human and social sciences and the study of workplaces, technology, organization, and labor; as well as culture & media studies in relation to power differentials and culture in all of its variety.

Special interest in 1) American society, politics, labor and culture in a global context, past and present; 2) the political economy and cultural complexities of various forms of globalization and imperialism.


Principal publications

  • van Elteren, Mel (2014) Reconceptualizing "cultural imperialism" in the current era of globalization. International Handbook of Media and Mass Communication Theory, Volume 2, pp. 400-419. Eds. Robert S. Fortner and P. Mark Fackler. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • van Elteren, Mel (2011). Labor and the American left: An analytical history. Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland. (More)
  • van Elteren, Mel (2009). Neoliberalization and transnational capitalism in the American mold. Journal of American Studies, 43(2), 177-197. (More)
  • van Elteren, Mel (2006). Americanism and Americanization: A critical history of domestic and global influence. Jefferson, NC, and London: McFarland. (More)
  • van Elteren, Mel (2006). Imperial gestures in portrayals of U.S. culture as a universal culture. Amerikastudien/American Studies, 51(2), 207-238. (More)

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Last amended: 21 October 2014