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prof. dr. O.M. (Odile) Heynders

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Culture Studies

Conference papers 2017

1. European Scenarios: Imaginary Places and Representative Identities. Conference The Idea of Place, Making, Dwelling, Sensing. Edmonton, Canada May 6-8.

2. University of the Azores: 31 May: Public Intellectual and Literary Interventions

3. IABA London: Navid Kermani versus Ahmed Aboutaleb, June 8-9

4. Leuven, Conference The gender of sovereignty, Dec 2017: A peaceful and democratic Islam? The public voice of female intellectuals


In my research literature is taken as a specific form of social knowledge, giving insight in the experiences of (ordinary, individual) people. The presupposition is that the idea of literature as autonomous artefact with an aura in the modernist sense has to be countered with a more pragmatic perspective on literature. Aesthetic significance can be found in literatures role in affecting our ways of appropriating, perceiving and understanding our agency in relation to our lifeworld.


I currently work on two book projects:

1. Meeting in Urban Space

2. Female Public Intellectuals



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Last amended: 27 September 2017