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prof. dr. O.M. (Odile) Heynders

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies

Conference papers 2017

1. European Scenarios: Imaginary Places and Representative Identities. Conference The Idea of Place, Making, Dwelling, Sensing. Edmonton, Canada May 6-8.

2. University of the Azores: 31 May: Public Intellectual and Literary Interventions

3. IABA London: Navid Kermani versus Ahmed Aboutaleb, June 8-9

4. Leuven, Conference The gender of sovereignty, Dec 2017: A peaceful and democratic Islam? The public voice of female intellectuals


I work as an interdisciplinary cultural studies researcher, and I am in particular interested in the transformation of the public sphere due to digitalisation, globalisation and fictionalization, and in the role literary authors as public intellectuals have in this context.

I consider literature a form of social knowledge, which means that the ideas and experiences described and explored in literary texts can be applied to societal issues and policies. Literature can become extended to other media, in which political and social positions are acted out. 

Currently, I work on three projects: Experiences of Migration, Urban Literature: Spaces of Social Interaction, and Female Public Intellectuals. 


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Last amended: 23 January 2018